First of all, sorry for not posting for such a long time, but I did have my Graduation Diploma, for finishing Uni, so I was a bit busy, but now, with all my pleasure, I give you my very first article in which my sweet sweet sweets appear! Please vote my sweets!
With much diabetic sweetness, your sweets maker,


Summer Sale!!!Considering the hot summer that we'll have to deal with, I've decided to make it a little easier for you, and make it a lot more fun, so...(drums please!) we have...Summer sale!!! Enjoy!

Big thanks!

Pentru minunatele poze trebuie sa le multumesc lui infinitool "fotografa" si lui dushky "modeala", you're the best, girls! :D


Cercei ruzabubu-8 Ron

Candy mozaic-Sold!

Set candy mozaic-20 Ron

Ice-cream scoop

Lantisor Ice-cream-10 Ron

I scream for ice-cream

Cercei Ice-cream-8 Ron

Summer heart

Flower necklace

Flower necklace- 10 Ron

New mood

O data cu venirea zilelor calduroase si a revenirii la viata a naturii, m-am gandit sa improspatez si eu modul in care sunt prezentate delicioasele dulciuri (care nu ingrasa!!! :D ),si tot o data sa fac unele noi, in ton cu zilele de vara,sper sa va placa!

Flower Power cake!!!

Cercei Flower Power Cake 10 ron

Strawberries, my love!- Sold!

Cercei+pandativ Strawberries my love 20 ron

So '60's

Cercei So '60's 10 ron

Pink Mars

Cercei Pink Mars 15 ron

Hippie swirls!

Cercei Hippie Swirls 10 ron


Cercei flowers&cakes 8 ron

Chocolate chip cookies-Sold!

Cercei Chocolate chip cookies-10 ron

Yummy heart cake!

Cercei Heart cake 10 ron/perechea

Thread Balls

Cercei Thread balls 10 Ron

Tea time-Sold!

Cercei Tea time 20 ron

Start wearing purple...

Cercei+ Lantisor Purple Hearts 15 Ron


Cercei Ribbons&swirls 10 Ron


Inel+pandativ ribbons&flowers 10 Ron

Pink heart-swirls-Sold!

Cercei&pandativ Pink heart-swirls 20Ron-vandut

Lollipoppinglly delicious 3-Sold!

Cercei Lollipops 8 Ron

Lollipoppinglly delicious 2-Sold!

Cercei Lollipops 10 Ron

Lollipopinglly delicious-Sold!

Set pandativ+cercei Lollipos 20Ron-vandut

Button Heart

Lantisor Button Heart 8 Ron


Cercei Diploflower 8 Ron

Delicious cupcakes

Cercei delicious cupcakes 8 Ron

Green butterflyes-Sold!

Cercei green butterflyes 10 Ron-vandut